Louisiana Renaissance Festival The Ren Cruise

SONGS Travels performed by Vince Conaway from the album Labyrinth My Dearest performed by Djilia Phralengo from the album Oracle Johnny Jump Up performed by Blackjacks n' Blarney from the album Bite Size The Deuce performed by The Reelin' Rogues from the album 3 Lbs. Of Rage The Night Visitor's Song performed by Empty Hats from the album Captured Tom of Bedlam performed by Bedlam from the album Angels Unknown Website The Parting Glass performed by Counterfeit Bards from the album Bard from this Hall Unknown Website Star of the County Down performed by Howl-O from the album Ren-ditions Unknown Website Eamonn An Chnoic performed by Porter & Stout from the album Treasures Rio Grande performed by Captain John Stout from the album Songs From the Water's Edge disc 2 Gran'ther and the Leprechaun performed by Siler and Clarc from the album A Little Longer Unknown Website Health To The Company performed by Minstrosity from the album Why Am I Not Surprised? Unknown Website

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