Louisiana Renaissance Festival The Ren Cruise

SONGS A Turk in Galway performed by Arabesque from the album A Turk in Galway

Bienvenue À B'o'r performed by Barbar 'O 'Rhum from the album Toutes Les Routes Mènent au Rhum Angel performed by Dublin Double from the album Where's Yer Trousers? Carolan's Farewell to Music performed by Darren Raleigh from the album Silverwheel Jilli Barleycorn performed by Dragon of Wortley from the album Silver in the Coffer Foreign Lander performed by Embra from the album Three Part One Heart Call of the Faerie performed by Sandra Parker from the album Call of the Faerie The Faerie Nam performed by Sandra Parker from the album Call of the Faerie Morning On the Midway performed by Iron Hill Vagabonds from the album Circus Vagabonds A Fan Letter performed by Fishbones & Scurvy from the album Below the Gallows Tree Beggerman's Waltz performed by Gibbon the Troubador from the album Ode of the Troubadour Chorus in the Elm performed by Gwyneth Whistlewood the Feral Flute from the album Waking the Devas Another Murphy Goes to War performed by Jackdaws from the album On the Lash Black Velvet Band performed by Jonathan Ramsey from the album Jonathan Ramsey

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