In this month's episode, Charlie and George go on a mission to revisit the JCVD vs DL (that's Dolph Lundgren) sci-fi actioner, Universal Soldier!   The boys delve into Roland Emmerich's first Hollywood production and discuss the films heavy sci-fi origins. Along the way, they chat about the challenges of being on the run in a pre-internet era, Dolph's amazing villain and ponder why JCVD isn't being his usual sassy, splits-tastic, sexy self.  Unsurprisingly, there are enough bad JCVD impressions to make a Belgian blush!   For this month's feature, Suspicious Spin-Offs, George educates Charlie on the many, many sequels and reboots that Universal Soldier has had over the past three decades (spoiler alert - it's probably more than you think!).   Notes:  Alternative Ending - Further reading/behind the scenes -