2 Nicks (Nick Waterhouse and Nick Curran), 2 Everlys (Don & Phil), Blasters, Coasters, Paladins, a blues blast of Big Maybelle, Mud Morganfield with Kim Wilson, an early rockabilly entry from a later country legend and so much more fill the playlist on this week's Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour!

Ricky Nelson- "My Babe"

Paladins- "Tore Up"

Nick Curran- "Ain't No Good"

Nick Waterhouse- "If You Want Trouble"

Elvis Presley- "Power Of My Love"

Tweed & The Sugardaddies- "Real Gone Jerk"

The Coasters- "Three Cool Cats"

The Blasters- "Real Rock Drive"

Big Maybelle- "That's A Pretty Good Love"

Mud Morganfield/Kim Wilson- "I Don't Know Why"

George "Thumper" Jones- "Who Shot Sam?"

Everly Brothers- "Claudette"

Junior Brown- "Highway Patrol"

Barry Ryan- "Rockabilly Jamboree"

Jack Scott- "Baby She's Gone"

Chris Isaak- "Crying, Waiting, Hoping"

Ray Campi- "Caterpillar"

Jinx Jones- "You Can't Kill Me 'Cause I'm Already Dead"

Shakedown Combo- "Honey Hush"