Not only is Dick Dale celebrating his birthday today, he's also our guest for the next 4 episodes!  Mike Love from The Beach Boys also gives his friend a special birthday greeting.  We'll hear some killer Dick Dale tunes as well.  Also, we are treated with brand new tracks from The Sonics and Joe Bonamassa and rockers from Gretsch Brothers and Jack Rabbit Slim!!  You don't want to miss this one!!


Intro voice over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey


The Gretsch Brothers- "Crying, Waiting, Hoping"

Jack Rabbit Slim- "Lula Mae"


Dick Dale Interview

Intro music bed- "Mr. Eliminator"

Dick Dale- "Ooh Wee Marie"

Dick Dale segment 1 (music bed- "Unknown Territory")

Glen Campbell- "In My Arms" (featuring Dick Dale, Brian Setzer & Chris Isaak)


Dick Dale Interview continues

Intro music bed- "Deltone Rock"

Dick Dale- "Jessie Pearl"

Dick Dale segment 2 (music bed- "Hot Links")

Dick Dale- "The Wedge"

Dick Dale segment 3 (music bed- "Doom Box")

Dick Dale- "Night Rider"


Dick Dale Interview continues

Dick Dale segment 4 (music bed- "Firing Up")

Dick Dale- "Miserlou"

Dick Dale segment 5 (music bed- "Temple Of Gizeh")

Dick Dale- "Miserlou (soft)"

Mike Love birthday greeting

Dick Dale segment 6 (music bed- "Death Of A Gremmie")

Dick Dale- "Let's Go Trippin'"


The Sonics- "I Don't Need No Doctor"

Joe Bonamassa- "Tiger In Your Tank"