Ronnie Tutt toured with Elvis from 1969-1977.  He shares stories about his time with Elvis as well as Neil Diamond, Jerry Garcia, Billy Joel and so many more!  Hear music that features his powerhouse drums as well!


Intro bed- Elvis Presley- "Tiger Man"


Elvis Presley- "Way Down"

Elvis Presley- "Blue Suede Shoes" (live)


Music bed- Duane Eddy- "Road Trip"


Elvis Presley- "Mystery Train/Tiger Man" (live)


Music bed- Kenny Vaughan- "Mysterium"


Elvis Presley- "That's All Right" (live)

Elvis introducing Ronnie Tutt on stage


Music bed- The Ventures- "Walk Don't Run"


Elvis Presley- "Patch It Up" (live)


Music bed- Link Wray- "Rumble"


Elvis Presley- "Burning Love"


Music bed- Duane Eddy- "Franklin Town"


Elvis Presley- "Always On My Mind"


Music bed- The Ventures- "Memphis"


Elvis Presley- "Polk Salad Annie" (live)


Music bed- The Ventures- "Raunchy"


Neil Diamond- "I'm A Believer" 


Music bed- Duane Eddy- "The Attack Of The Duck Billed Platypus


Roy Orbison- "Claudette" (live)

Elvis Costello- "The Big Light"

Cat Stevens- "Peace Train" (snippet)

Billy Joel- "Piano Man"

Jerry Garcia- "Catfish John" (snippet)

Johnny Rivers- "Rockin' Pneumonia- Boogie Woogie Flu"

Delaney & Bonnie- "Soul Shake"


Outro- Joel Paterson- "Mable's Rock"