Violinist Trevor Dick cultivates a successful career as solo artist as well as being a prolific composer/arranger. Trevor's reach extends beyond just playing the violin though. Since 2005, Trevor has acted as a Compassion Canada artist and actively promotes the cause of child poverty at his concerts. He is the founder and artistic director of the non-profit charitable music missionary organization, Flyingbow Music Ministry. Additionally, he is a worldwide ambassador for the electric bowed strings community and is the creator and manager of the growing Electric Strings Players Facebook group.

Born in Nigeria to missionary parents, and later growing up on culturally rich Vancouver Island, Trevor benefited from his musical upbringing in the music-soaked city of Nanaimo. Developing relationships and performing with international musicians are career highlights for Trevor.

Trevor is an enthusiastic gear head--you can find numerous gear and instrument reviews on his YouTube channel. His main electric instrument is an NS Design CR5 violin, and he uses an earlier generation Cantini violin for MIDI applications.

Learn more about Trevor, his music, his ministry and his charitable work at

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