This is part 1 of our 2-part extended interview with Rachel Barton Pine. Find part 2 on our channel.

Rachel Barton Pine is one of the most recognized names on the classical music scene today. She made her debut as a soloist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at age 10. Since then, she’s gone on to perform with orchestras all over the world, as well as with many of rock’s biggest names such as Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and Steve Vai.

She performs on the “ex-Bazzini, ex-Soldat” Joseph Guarnerius del Gesu (Cremona, 1742), and when plugging in Rachel plays a 6-string Wood Violins Viper electric violin.

Tracks heard in this episode:

INTRO - Blood Drunk - Earthen Grave
BREAK #1 - Little Diamond - Bird on the Wing Jigs - Blues Dialogues album
BREAK #2 - Dismal Times - Earthen Grave
BREAK #3 - Black Sabbath/Ozzy Rock Quartet - Recorded at MWROC, 2013
BREAK #4 - Organic Metal Framework - Solo - Family Fridays with RBP - Nov 13, 2020

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