Welcome to another episode of Rockstar Violinist, the podcast from Electric Violin Shop that brings you the biggest stars in the world of electric strings. There may be no bigger star in our world than Lindsey Stirling. From regular appearances on the biggest stages to over 3 billion views on YouTube, she is...everywhere.

We recently loaned Lindsey a Viper for what, at the time, was a top secret project. We did this interview a month or so before her Christmas show came out and we’ve been sitting on it so we could share some behind the scenes info. But now we can share it - as well as a really cool look into the mind of one of the most visible people in the violin community, Lindsey Stirling: Rockstar Violinist!

Tracks heard in this episode:

INTRO - 'Guardian' from the Artemisalbum
10:44 - 'Crystallize'
22:52 - 'Something Wild' from the Disnay film Pete’s Dragon
32:17 - 'Violin Rock' from Lindsey's first ever live dance + violin performance at the Junior Miss Pageant
42:31 - 'Underground' from the Artemisalbum
48:56 - 'Iris' with Johnny Rzeznik of Goo Goo Dolls from Lindsey's String Sessionspodcast
57:10 - 'Til The Light Goes Out'
OUTRO - 'Carol of the Bells'

Visit lindseystirling.com to hear more music, subscribe to Lindsey's aweseom podcast, and see when her tour schedule is bringing her to a venue near you.

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