We briefly leave behind Pittsburgh to visit a very distant world quite unlike our own.  In this land, magic reigns supreme, and a figure known only as the Shadow Man creates terror and chaos for its people.  Forced into action, the world calls upon five heroes to stop the mysterious figure: Prince Stellwyn Dawn (Kyle), the last surviving member of humankind's royal family; Lord Heinrich Rothschild (Yako), a human field surgeon-turned-dragonic warrior; Elysian Foxjuggler (Jovian), haughty champion of elvenkind; Taylor Silkblade (Holly), halfling squire to and true protector of Elysian; and Ravage (Chris), giantess created by Shadowman who seeks revenge on her progenitor.

This episode is just character creation, but we strongly recommend you give a listen to it-- worldbuilding is very involved in Fellowship, so there's a lot to take in here!

Episode art by Bee.  Editing by Holly.  Theme music by Avery Stemmler, with most other episode music coming from Incompetech.

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