AMA VC #7 with with Sia Houchangnia, Partner at Seedcamp!

From April to May 2020, we had the idea to organize 6 immersive live talks with VCs about specific topics such as “Product-Market / Fit” / “Revenue models” / “Founding team” / “Market sizing” / “Hiring needs” / “How much to raise in a round” in a very comfy format: we invited a VC and welcomed 3 to 5 participants who asked all their questions directly to the VC who candidly shared her insights and actionable pieces of advice.

We then published the replay as a podcast. It is a format participants loved as much as we did. So AMA VC is back today with this exciting discussion about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) from the angle of a VC with Sia Houchangnia, Partner at Seedcamp (Revolut, Transferwise, UiPath...) who has backed Sorare since its 2019 US$500k pre-seed round (Sorare just announced in 2021 a US$50M round with Benchmark and Accel).

In this awesome episode, Sia goes into

_ Consumer incentives for buying & collecting NFTs and what portability implies

_ What has yet to be developed in the NFT value chain

_ The opportunity for founders in the NFT space to think from day one "open platform" and interconnections of layers to be built on top of their product

_ Lessons by Sia from his investment in Sorare for investors in the NFT space...

...and a few more topics.

Enjoy the episode !


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