SALSA BRAVA RADIO PODCAST! Salsa de a 100MIL! el Podcast!this podcast brings once again the sound of Remastered Classic Salsa Vinyls and also new Salsa Brava from Today. Salsa Brava Remesclada y Remasterisada para el deleite de todos los Salseros y Salseras del MUNDO! Salsa Brava Radio! Bringing you the Best and Sickest Hardcore Salsa! for real Salseros, For Real RUMBEROS! DEACARGA ESTE PODCAST AQUI:

DOWNLOAD THE MIXTAPES!( Salsa Brava Salsa De La Buena Salsa Pa' Gozar!Don't forget to DOWNLOAD (click the links) the Salsa Mix Tapes "SALSA BRAVA VOL 1" ( "SALSA BRAVA VOL 2" ( and "SALSA BRAVA VOL 3" ( Remastered and Remixed Classic Hard Core Rumba Pa' Gozar! Del Vinilo Pa'l Mp3! Also Look for this Podcast on iTunes "Salsa Brava Radio Podcast" Ache!