Vengo Del Monte Podcast! Salsa Brava Podcast! Spinning some of my favorite tracks on the one's and two's this podcast is made for those True Salseros that really know hard core salsa and also for those new ears receptive to powerful Salsa tunes! Pura Salsa Dura de Verd'a Para todos Los Salseros y Salseras de Cora del Mundo entero! Disfruten! DOWNLOAD THE MIXTAPES!( Salsa Brava Salsa De La Buena Salsa Pa' Gozar!Don't forget to DOWNLOAD (click the links) the Salsa Mix Tapes "SALSA BRAVA VOL 1" ( "SALSA BRAVA VOL 2" ( and "SALSA BRAVA VOL 3" ( Remastered and Remixed Classic Hard Core Rumba Pa' Gozar! Del Vinilo Pa'l Mp3! Also Look for this Podcast on iTunes "Salsa Brava Radio Podcast" Ache!