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Lundi 19 JUIN 2023 - Horaire : 23:00 >> 00:00

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[ Kultur Wave Mix ] ...by SYNTH PAT #2

  1. ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK "The New Stone Age" VINYL LP: Architecture & Morality (Dindisc / Virgin)
  2. BONE PIXIE "Concerning Love" DIG LP: Tundra Of The Mind (Autoproduction)
  3. CLICK CLICK "Rotor Babe" VINYL EP: Skripglow (Rorschach Testing Product)
  4. PERSON:A "A Thousand Lies" DIG V/A: Scraping Beats Compilation 2 (Cold Beats Records)
  5. HIDDEN AGENDA "Moving Pictures" CD: More Decisions (Genetic Music)
  6. I-M-R "Night" CD: InOutSide (Syborgmusic)
  7. GOÛT DE LUXE "Last Train" VINYL 7": Dans Un Autre Pays (EMI)
  8. DIKTATUR "The Harm" DIG EP: Diktatur (Tacuara Records)
  9. FRONT 242 "Mutilate" CD: 06:21:03:11 Up Evil (RRE)
  10. MITRA MITRA "Heat" VINYL LP: Mitra Mitra (Micromort Music)
  11. THE HUMAN LEAGUE "Being Boiled" VINYL 7": Being Boiled / Circus Of Death (Fast Product / EMI Electrola)
  12. NEUTRAL LIES "Commuters" CD: A Deceptive Calm (BOREDOMproduct)
  13. CAMOUFLAGE "From Ay To Bee" CD: Voices & Images (Metronome)
  14. AGENT SIDE GRINDER "Sleeping Fury" CD: Hardware (Klangarkivet)
  15. GARY NUMAN "Cars" VINYL 7": Cars (Beggars Banquet)

16. LINEA ASPERA "Lamanai" CD: Linea Aspera (Dark Entries / No Emb Blanc)

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