KULTUR WAVE (Radio broadcast)
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Lundi 23 Octobre 2017 - Horaire : 23:00 >> 00:00

GALAXIE RADIO 95.3FM (www.galaxieradio.fr)

[ Kultur Wave Mix ] ...by Der Gregolini (S&SR)

  1. SIGNAL AOUT 42 "Dead Is Calling (Dance Remix Version)" VINYL EP: Dead Is Calling (LD Records)
  2. FRANCK KARTELL "Atoms" DIG EP: Coma (Bass Agenda Recordings)
  3. SIMPLE MINDS "Seeing Out The Angel" CD: Sons And Fascination (Virgin)
  4. ASH CODE "Waves With No Shores" CD: Oblivion (Swiss Dark Nights)
  5. JOY DIVISION "Digital" CD: Substance (Factory)
  6. PLEASURE SYMBOLS "Control" DIG EP: Pleasure Symbols (Autoproduction)
  7. YAZOO "Goodbye 70's" CD: Upstairs At Eric's (Mute Records)
  8. JOHN FOXX "Underpass" CD: Metamatic (Virgin)
  9. DUBMOOD "Datasalen" CD: Machine (Data Airlines)
  10. ROBERT GÖRL "Darling Don't Leave Me (Extended Mix)" CD: Night Full Of Tension (Mute Records)
  11. KID KASIO "Not For Turning" CD: Kasiotone (Autoproduction)
  12. MINISTRY "Everyday Is Halloween" CD: Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984 (Wax Trax! Records)
  13. BOY HARSHER "Motion" VINYL EP: Country Girl (Ascetic House)

14. ALPHAVILLE "Fallen Angel" CD: Forever Young (WEA)

PROMO THANKS TO : SIGNAL AOUT 42 (Jacky Meurisse), DATA AIRLINES (Kalle Jonnson) ...