KULTUR WAVE (Radio broadcast)
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Lundi 23 Avril 2018 - Horaire : 23:00 >> 00:00

GALAXIE RADIO 95.3FM (www.galaxieradio.fr)

[ Kultur Wave Mix ] ...by Ingrid (KW)

  1. NEW ORDER "Chosen Time" CD: Movement (Factory)
  2. WHOMADEWHO "Heads Above" CD: Dreams (Darup Associates)
  3. GRAUZONE "Wütendes Glas" CD: Die Sunrise Tapes (Off Course Records)
  4. SHINY DARKNESS "See You Next Life (Courtyardmix)" CD: Lighthouse (NS Records)
  5. SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "Red Light" CD: Kaleidoscope (Polydor)
  6. OUR BANSHEE "It Not Real" CD: 4200 (Dependent Records)
  7. DEPECHE MODE "Lie To Me (2015 Some Great Version)" CDR: Lie To Me - IsLanD Remixes (Ultra Records)
  8. LESCOP "Flash" CD: Echo (Pop Noire Records / Virgin)
  9. LIAISONS DANGEREUSES "Avant-Après Mars" CD: Liaisons Dangereuses (Roadrunner Records)
  10. VIOLENCE CONJUGALE "Amour, Échec" VINYL LP: Vices Et Mensonges (Teenage Menopause Records)
  11. THE HUMAN LEAGUE "The Lebanon" CD: Hysteria (Virgin)
  12. GHOST CULTURE "Mouth" CD: Ghost Culture (Phantasy Sound / Because Music)
  13. FAD GADGET "Lady Shave" DCD: The Best Of Fad Gadget (Mute)
  14. YAN WAGNER "Forty Eight Hours (Heinrich Mueller Apeture Synthesis Remodel)" DIG EP: Forty Eight Hours EP (Pschent)

15. NEUROTOXIK "Good Night In Hospital" CD: Neurotoxik (Autoproduction)

PROMO THANKS TO : SHINY DARKNESS (Sébastien Déruwez), DEPENDENT RECORDS (Stefan Herwig), NEUROTOXIK (Stéphane Boulin) ...