KULTUR WAVE (Radio broadcast)
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Lundi 11 Février 2019 - Horaire : 23:00 >> 00:00

GALAXIE RADIO 95.3 FM / DAB+ (www.galaxieradio.fr)

[ Kultur Wave Mix ] ...by EBMnator (S&SR)

  1. KILLING JOKE "My Love Of This Land" CD: Outside The Gate (Virgin)
  2. RITUAL VEIL "Wolf In The Night" CD: Wolf In The Night (Avant!)
  3. THE CURE "A Strange Day" CD: Pornography (Fiction Records)
  4. AXOE "Telegraphic" CD: Telegraphic (Decadance Records)
  5. KAS PRODUCT "Never Come Back" CD: Try Out (Last Call Records)
  6. S.D.H. "I Mean" VINYL LP: Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms (Avant!)
  7. GUERRE FROIDE "Demain Berlin (Zum Ende)" CD: Angoisses & Divertissement (Brouillard Définitif)
  8. R A D K O "Brutalista" VINYL 7": Cherno PPP / Brutalista (Petit Enfant / Enfant Terrible)
  9. MAX BERLIN'S "Elle Et Moi" VINYL EP: Elle Et Moi (USA Import Music)
  10. PHILIPP MÜNCH "Keine Tränen" CD: Greyscal (Ant-Zen)
  11. SNOWY RED "Euroshima (Wardance)" VINYL LP: The Right To Die (Dirty Dance)
  12. MARKUS MIDNIGHT "Burning" CD: Fifteen Midnight Rituals (Wave Records)
  13. THE SISTERS OF MERCY "Marian (Version)" CD: First And Last And Always (Merciful Release)

14. CELLULOIDE "La Guerre De Cent Ans" CD: Art Plastique (BOREDOMproduct)

PROMO THANKS TO : AVANT! RECORDS (Andrea Napoli), BROUILLARD DEFINITIF (Emmanuel Delmarre), ENFANT TERRIBLE PRODUCTIONS (Martijn Van Gessel), ANT-ZEN (Christian P.), BOREDOMproduct (Member U 0176) ...