SAMPLER & SANS REPROCHES (Radio Transmission)
Playlist N° 1307 - GALAXIE RADIO 95.3FM / DAB+

Lundi 11 Décembre 2023 - Horaire : 20:00 - 22:00 (

[ S&SR Selection de la semaine... SVM + NEA "Default Mode Network" (Oràculo Records) ... ]

  1. SVM + NEA "Sei Morto" DIG LP: Default Mode Network (Oràculo Records)
  2. ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK "Aphrodite's Favorite Child" CD: Bauhaus Staircase (White Noise / 100% Records)
  3. FRANCK KARTELL "Inside The Shadow Zone" VINYL LP: Acoustic Warfare (Noise To Meet You)
  4. SYMPHONIC NOISE CULT "I'd Rather Be" CD: Behind The Curtain (VUZ Records)
  5. THOROFON "Perfection" DIG LP: Angor (Ant-Zen)
  6. ULTRANICHTS "An Ongoing Fight" DIG EP: As Above So Below (Hammerstein & Waldteufel)
  7. TANGENT STRATEGY "Delve Hatchet" DIG EP: Wasurenakatta (Autoproduction)
  8. DOMESTIC EXILE "Die Erde Dreht Noch" DIG LP: Domestic Exile (DKA Records)
  9. BLACK AGENT "Final Curtain" DIG LP : Industrial Ruination (Re-Mission Entertainment)
  10. WET SKIN "Abstract & Free" DIG LP: Animal God (X-IMG)
  11. SVM + NEA "Control" DIG LP: Default Mode Network (Oràculo Records)
  12. FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY feat. ULTRA SUNN "Mechvirus" DIG SGL: Mechvirus Remix (Artoffact Records)
  13. ARNAUD REBOTINI "Chloroquine Y/N (Arnaud Rebotini Original Mix)" DIG EP: This Is A Quarantine 3 (Blackstrobe Records)
  14. SIERRA "Your Shadow" DIG LP: A Story Of Anger (Les Airs à Vif)
  15. DAS KINN "1, 2, Eisberg" DIG EP: Die Kanten (Mangel Records)
  16. C.A.R. "Anzu (radio edit)" DIG SGL: Anzu (Ransom Note)
  17. TÖT "Le Choc Des Titans" CD V/A: Invinsibles - VK Tribute (Replikants Records)
  18. CSIBD "Infected" DIG EP: Infected (Aliens Productions)
  19. LOCAL SUICIDE / SKELESYS "In Space We Roam (Radio Edit)" DIG EP: In Space We Roam (Iptamenos Discos)

20. AT THE HEART OF THE WORLD "Bitter Wounds" DIG LP: Paroxysm (Autoproduction)

PROMO THANKS TO / REMERCIEMENTS : ORÁCULO RECORDS (Nico Cabanas), EPHELIDE (Marguerite Feingold), VUZ RECORDS (Holger Hanraths), ANT-ZEN (Stefan Alt), HAMMERSTEIN & WALDTEUFEL (Sheitan Shadowban), TANGENT STRATEGY (CHD.Y), DKA RECORDS (Chris), RANSOM NOTE RECORDS, TÖT / REPLIKANTS RECORDS (Fred Teston), L'AERONEF (Danièle Ludwig), 9.9bis (Eleonore Kurzawa & Cedric Charbonnier) ...


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