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Lundi 04 Mars 2024 - Horaire : 20h00 - 22h00 (

[ S&SR Selection de la semaine... SEVERE ILLUSION "Totalitarianism For A New Generation" (Advoxya Records)
++ PROMO / INTERVIEW : Olivier & Marie-Claire (ALTER PROD)

++ HOMMAGE à Stéphane Mérenne (Nuit & Brouillard) ... ]

  1. SEVERE ILLUSION "Died Suddenly" CD: Totalitarianism For A New Generation (Advoxya Records)
  2. VOX LOW "Distance" DIG LP: Keep On Falling (Born Bad Records)
  3. GWENDOLINE "Rock 2000" DIG LP: C'est À Moi Ça (Born Bad Records)
  4. FRUSTRATION "State Of Alert" DIG LP: Our Decisions (Born Bad Records)
  5. BEATBOX MACHINERY feat. KRISTAL ANN "Body To Body" DIG LP: Physical Touch (Werkstatt Recordings)
  6. ЯTRA "Illusion" DIG EP: Lebration (Freedom Club)
  7. FRACTAL "Paralyzed" DIG LP: Antidote (Aliens Productions)
  8. TIM BLAKE "Lighthouse" BOX 3CD: Crystal Presence - The Albums 1977 - 1991 (Cherry Red Records)
  9. LA MACHINE "Invasion Humano​ï​de (edit)" MCD: W454 (BOREDOMproduct)
  10. KNIGHT$ "Dollars & Cents" VINYL 2LP: Dollars & Cents - Anniversary 5 Years Edition (Speccio Uomo / Mirror Man)
  11. SEVERE ILLUSION "The Wrong Monster " CD: Totalitarianism For A New Generation (Advoxya Records)
  12. SKINNY PUPPY "One Time One ¨Place (Live)" DIG REC: S.P. LIVE @ Lille, Espace Concorde 12.05.1988 (Bootleg)
  13. M. BRYO & D.M.T. "Things I Was Due To Forget" VINYL 2LP: Things I Was Due To Forget : 1979 - 2005 (Nuit Et Brouillard)
  14. NAZI BASTARDS from ALDEBARAN "Invasion" CD: Invasion (Zhelezobeton)
  15. KEZDOWN "The Call" CD: Erosion (Alterprod)

16. A WEEK IN DOGGERLAND "In The Air" DIG SGL: In The Air (Alterprod)

PROMO THANKS TO / REMERCIEMENTS : SEVERE ILLUSION (Fredrik Djurfeldt), BORN BAD RECORDS (Clarisse Vallée), WERKSTATT RECORDINGS (Toxic Razor), ENFANT TERRIBLE / FREEDOM CLUB (Martijn), ALIENS PRODUCTIONS (Ryby), CHERRY RED RECORDS (Matt Ingham), BOREDOMproduct (Member U 0176), KNIGHT$ / MM PROMO (James Knights), NUIT ET BROUILLARD (Sylvie & Stéphane), ALTERPROD (Oilvier & Marie-Claire) ...


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