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Lundi 08 Janvier 2024 - Horaire : 20:00 22:00 (

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  1. A PROJECTION "Darwin's Eden" DIG LP: In A Different Light (Metropolis Records)
  2. TERENCE FIXMER "The Way I See You" DIG P: Shifting Signals (Mute Records)
  3. TÖT "(Nobody Knows I Am An) Asshole (JEAN BRUCE Mix)" DIG LP: No Venimus En Paz (Replikants Records)
  4. DREADFOOL "Flesh /Soul" DIG LP: The Final Frontier (Autoproduction)
  5. RIO "Arga Arga" DIG LP: Alkyonides (Teenage Menopause Records)
  6. LIEBKNECHT "Essex" DIG LP: Fabrikat (Ant-Zen)
  7. OBJECT "Sprawl/Undone" DIG LP: Epilogue Of Fear (Autoproduction)
  8. MALE TEARS "Slay" DIG LP: Krypt (Avant!)
  9. TORUL "Mnenje O Vsem" DIG LP: End Less Dreams (Infacted Recordings)
  10. ULTRA SUNN "Set Yourself On Fire" DIG EP: Kill Your Idols (Sunn-X Records)
  11. 2ND FACE "Faith" DIG LP: utOpium (Dependent)
  12. SDH "Denial" DIG LP: Fake Is Real (Avant!)
  13. HUMAN VAULT "My Flesh Is Meat Indeed" DIG LP: Fragment Existence (Aliens Production)
  14. POLTERGEIST "Imminent" DIG LP: Kämpfer (Clivage Music)
  15. D.I.N. "Better" DIG LP: Up (DKA Records)
  16. ENZO KREFT "Blood Diamonds" CD: Shelter (Autoproduction)
  17. THX 1971 "Monotonie" LP: Minimal Ist Meine Wahl (Block 4)
  18. CELLULOIDE "Sixth Sense" CD: Naive Heart (20th Anniversary Edition) - ESP Version 2022 (BOREDOMproduct)
  19. VIOFLESH "Cage" DIG LP: Feeling You Don't See (Mold Records)
  20. SEXTILE "Contorsion" DIG LP: Push (Sacred Bones Records)
  21. MAGNETIC RUST "Television" CD: Rejekt (Rouille Magnetique Records)
  22. SHINY DARKNESS "Night Unters" CD: Pop Geisha (Autoproduction)
  23. THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS "Piano Ghost (Hørd Remix)" DIG EP: Violent Ghost EP (Spleen+)
  24. SIGNAL AOUT 42 "Haunted souls" CD: Ex-Voto (Out Of Line Music)
  25. AMBASSADE "The Valley" DIG LP: The Fool (Optimo Music)
  26. PABLO BOZZI "Look Ahead" V/A "Shedding Skin" (Bite Records)
  27. NOT MY GOD "Deus Vult" DIG LP: Observes (Metropolis Records)
  28. SONO "Light It Up" DIG LP: In The Haze (Kontor Records)
  29. SIMPLE MINDS "Promised You A Miracle (Live)" CD: New Gold Dream - Live From Paisley Abbey (BMG)
  30. BLACK AGENT "Culture Shock" DIG LP: Dehumanized (Re:Mission Entertainment)
  31. OMD "Kleptocrasy" CD: Bauhaus Staircase (White Noise / 100% Records)
  32. SVM + NEA "Apnea Central del Sueño" DIG LP: Default Mode Network (Oráculo Records)

33. X-MARKS THE PEDWALK "Who Is Right" DIG LP: Superstition (Meshwork)

PROMO THANKS TO : RED SAND PR (Gary Levermore), A PROJECTION (Rikard Tengvall), TERENCE FIXMER, TÖT / REPLIKANTS RECORDS (Fred Teston), DREADFOOL (Benoit Buyse), TEENAGE MENOPAUSE RECORDS (François Abdel & Alice Tixier), ANT-ZEN / HYMEN RECORDS (Stefan Alt), OBJECT (Andreas Malik), AVANT! RECORDS (Andrea), INFACTED RECORDINGS (Torben Schmidt), 2ND FACE (Vincent Uhlig), DEPENDENT RECORDS (Stefan Herwig), SPKR MEDIA (Gunnar Sauermann), CITIZEN RECORDS / CLIVAGE MUSIC (Elise Nicolas & Tiphaine Cassin), ENZO KREFT, BLOCK 4 (Malte Steiner), BOREDOMproduct (Member U 0176), METAVERSUS PR (Marco Gargiulo), MODULOR PR (Sébastien Kervella), MAGNETIC RUST (Kévin Depoorter), SHINY DARKNESS (Sébastien Déruwez), THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS (Frédéric), SIGNAL AOUT 42 (Jacky Meurisse), OUT OF LINE MUSIC (Iris), EPHELIDE (Marguerite Feingold & & Eugénie Dospital), ORÁCULO RECORDS (Nico Cabañas), MESHWORK MUSIC (André Schmechta) ...



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