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Playlist N° 1310 - GALAXIE RADIO 95.3FM / DAB+

Lundi 22 Janvier 2024 - Horaire : 20:00 22:00 (

[ S&SR Selection de la semaine... FUEDAL "Unit 1" (DKA Records)

+ MUSIC NON STOP... Part 1 by Walter Sampler > Part 2 by Der Gregolini ]

  1. FUEDAL "Old World" DIG LP: Unit 1 (DKA Records)
  2. POC "Tick Tock" DIG EP: It's No Fun (Scanner)
  3. EE:MAN "Patience" DIG EP: Human Debris (Tinnitorturous)
  4. RIOTMILOO "Define Normal" DIG LP: Blackout (Ant-Zen) 
  5. JACKY MEURISSE PROJECT "Be Relax" VINYL EP: The Lost Tracks (Nocturbulous Records)
  6. JG OUTSIDER "Two Black" DIG EP: JG OUTISDER (Oràculo Records)
  7. ULTRANICHTS "Ashita" DIG EP: Umibozu (Hammerstein & Waldteufel)
  8. FUEDAL "Cold Caller" DIG LP: Unit 1 (DKA Records)
  9. BLACK DOT "Black Dot (CARDOPUSHER Remix)" DIG EP: Structure Without Tomorrow (Mechatronica)
  10. DSTR "Disappear (Single Version)" DIG SGL: Disappear (Autoproduction)
  11. CURSE MACKEY "Mutantis Mutandis" DIG SGL: Mutatis Mutandis (Negative Gain Productions)
  12. PSYCHOSOMATIK "Sin (NIN Cover)" DIG SGL: Sin (Autoproduction)
  13. JEROME CHASSAGNARD "III" DIG EP: Timeless Travelers (Hymen Records)
  14. DAS KINN "Stirn Reicht Ins Genick" DIG LP: Self Titled / Die Knochen (ichi ichi / Mangel Records)
  15. EMPATHY TEST "Losing Touch" DIG SGL: Losing Touch - Remastered (Autoproduction)
  16. SON OF CHAOS "Love Eternity" DIG SGL: Eternity (Nu Body Records)
  17. BLISCORD "Touch (featuring Alexis Blair Penney)" DIG SGL: TOUCH (Autoproduction)
  18. IVNA JI "Maar" VINYL V/A: Antarctica, Station 4 (Noise To Meet You)
  19. DAN TERMINUS "Vert De Gris (Radio Edit Version) DIG SGL: Vert De Gris (Autoproduction)
  20. THIS IS SHIT "Y Point One [Extended Part]" DIG EP: Y.Two (Upton Park)
  21. KLAUS NOMI "Icurock (Para One Remix)" DIG EP: Klaus Nomi Remixes 1 (Legacy)
  22. INCEPTION IN BLACK "Voyeur (JL Marchal How Do You Feel Remix)" DIG EP: Voyeur EP (Vuz Records)
  23. 2 FORKS "Corrupt" DIG LP: Quanticode (Autoproduction)
  24. NERANEVE "Atmosfera" DIG EP: Nenareve (Autoproduction)
  25. SOVIET GYM "Amor Sin Sonido" DIG LP: Workouts (Soil Records)
  26. ASCII.DISCO "Hikari No Karada" DIG EP: Shine (Icon Series / Hottwerk)

14. URBAN HEAT "Like This" DIG V/A: Artoffact Records 2023 Sampler (Artoffact)

PROMO THANKS TO / REMERCIEMENTS : DKA Records (Chris), SCANNER (Frank), TINNITORTUROUS (Tommy B-Kuhlmann), ANT-ZEN / HYMEN RECORDS (Stefan Alt), RIOTMILOO (Emilie Smith), JACKY MEURISSE PROJECT (Jacky Meurisse), NOCTURBULOUS RECORDS (Jean Bruce), JG OUTSIDER (Javi), ULTRANICHTS (Sheitan Shadowban), PSYCHOSOMATIK (Michael Roussel), RED SAND PR (Gary Levermore), SPKR (Gunnar Sauermann), NU BODY RECORDS (Ethan Fawkes & Fabrice Torricella), EPHELIDE (Eugénie Dospital), VUZ RECORDS (Holger Hanraths), UTM MUSIC GROUP (Michel Rowland), METAVERSUS PR (Marco Gargiulo), SOIL RECORDS (Ian Broch), HOTTWERK PR (Tony Pontius) ...


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