Today my theme is COLOURS. Songs talking about colours or using it as a subject. Hope you enjoy it. 


Ken Nordine – Yellow
Psychic TV – Black Moon
Ivor Cutler – The bowling green
Brigitte Fontaine – Le Noir c’est Mieux Choisi
Moondog – Why Spend a Dark Night with Me
Ennio Morricone – Studio de colore
philippe Besombes – jaune
Portsmouth Sinfonia – Blue Danube Waltz, Op. 314 (Johann Strauss)
Bill Bissett & the Mandan Massacre – In the Green Wind
The Electronic Hole – The Golden Hour I
Flamen Dialis – Dédale Vert Du Retour
Edgar Froese – Blue Panther
Nico – Purple Lips
Flaming Tunes (Gareth Williams & Mary Currie) – Golden Age
Michael Yonkers – Lovely Gold
Richard Dawson – Black Dog In The Sky
Igor Wakhevitch – sang pourpre
Can – I’m So Green
Clancy Eceles All Stars – Red Moon
Serge Gainsbourg – Couleur Café