In the February 2017 edition of our podcast, we continue with our "Super Six" discussion topic. This month we're debating which apocalypses we would least mind having to live in if we had to. We're calling it "Apocalypse Now."

Show topics this month include a pair of sophomore seasons. First, we'll go into The Magicians, which began its second run on January 25 on Syfy. Then we'll discuss the appropriately apocalyptic Colony, which started its season 2 on January 12 on the USA Network.

Our interview segment is with The Expanse showrunner, Naren Shankar, who shares with us his unique vision for this space drama, also in its second season on Syfy as of February 1.

Timecodes Apocalypse Now - 2:20 The Magicians - 28:45 Colony - 41:38 The Expanse Interview: 59:03


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