Our "Sci Fi Royalty" segment continues with discussion of the iconic ladies of genre television. These are actors who have either created a role that became an archetype for sci-fi television or whose body of work is so broad that they've bridged multiple fandoms. You may be surprised by some of our choices!

Show topics include a spoiler-free preview of FOX's The Orville, a new comedic space drama from Seth McFarlane, and TNT's The Last Ship (Mike bingewatched it from the beginning), which is nearing the halfway mark of its fourth season.

This month's interview is with Nick Antosca, showrunner of Syfy's horror anthology series, Channel Zero. Antosca talks about the creepypasta inspiration for season 2: No End House, which begins on September 20.

Timecodes: Sci Fi Royalty - 2:09 The Orville - 18:05 The Last Ship - 30:01 Channel Zero Interview - 49:40

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