With The Good Place season 4 being the show’s final run, the story, which often had paradigm shifting twists each season, should provide an satisfying ending for fans of the unique, metaphysical, philosophical series. On this episode of the podcast, we analyze the four episodes that have aired thus far to determine whether things are on track to give a sense of closure to its audience, and the good news is: they very much are.

It’s interesting to explore the possibilities for improving the behavior of all four of the new experiment’s subjects, particularly gossipy John and the truly horrible Brent, but with the continuing sabotage and the differing missions that present themselves, it seems an almost impossible task. However, the true strength of the season, as is discussed in the podcast, lies in the powerful dialogue taking place in the many heartfelt conversations between our main characters. On that alone, The Good Place season 4 is deserving of praise.

To leave room for those who have not fully caught up on The Good Place season 4, we begin by discussing the first three episodes without referencing the big reveal that happened in the latest in installment, “Tinker, Tailor, Demon, Spy.” That episode instead is broken down and appreciated in the Spoiler Zone

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