Tonight we talk to two funny and charming Southern Gentlemen (maybe “gentlemen” is a stretch): Brockton McKinney and Larkin Ford of the Ehmm Theory comic series. They tell us about how Ehmm Theory is pronounced, how it came to be, and we talk about their amazing premise (it includes all of SFSN’s favorite things:  zombies and cats). We also talked about toy licensing and how everything is amazing when made tiny. Keep your ears perked during this section of the ‘cast for a SFSN exclusive announcement about a new character coming to Ehmm Theory soon!

Guest Link Roundup:

  • Action Lab’s Danger Zone Homepage. Readers can get free previews of Ehmm #1 and other great Danger Zone books there.
  • Our studio’s site. When we go to conventions we zombify cartoon characters, superheroes, and such. See examples and contact us for commissions!
  • ehmmtheory@gmail.com is our Ehmm mailbag. Anyone with questions, comments, props, or hate mail about the book can holler at us there!


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