Tonight we’re veering away from our usual format to bring you TWO fantastic interviews!

First up are Derrick and Chuck from where the goal is “to examine famous mystery aircraft witnessed throughout history and speculate as to the origins of these devices.” There’s room for skeptics and believers alike, since Derrick and Chuck strive to present the facts in an unbiased way. The coolest part is that even though most of us associate UFOs with aliens, is devoted to ANYTHING that’s both flying and unidentified.

Then, after a short interlude to learn about how Kickstarter changes the rules, we move on to an interview with the creator of a Kickstarter you can back RIGHT NOW.

Huston Huddleston is the CEO of  the Hollywood Sci Fi Museum, which could open as early as 2015. When he found out that many of the sets and props from beloved TV shows like Star Trek and Firefly were sitting in warehouses (and in some cases outdoors) it started a journey toward what could possibly become the coolest museum in the world. The museum will not only be a treasure trove of sic-fi history, it will also be interactive, and will eventually feature STEM-based learning initiatives that tie in to sic-fi themes.

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