Karen Gosselin

Karen Gosselin


In this episode we get to visit with one of the shows oldest friends, artist, writer and astonishing creative talent Karen Gosselin. We get to talk with her about her second year attending the Illustrators Master Class. Based on her description of the week, it would seem as if she has both a wonderfully creative time. If you want to see some of the end result of what she accomplished there be sure to check out the SFSN Table at Plastic City Comic Con on July 13th.  and say hello to our very special guest.

You will also get the opportunity to see and meet some other amazing people and vendors, including:

And a gajillion or so others

Please head on down for a fun day.

Any conversation with Karen is always fun.

Welcome to the 5 Timers Club Karen.


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Official Five Timer's Club Member

Official Five Timer’s Club Member