18359444When we first spoke with the writing team known as OE Tearman in January oof 2020 it was to introduce book one of their Aces High, Jokers Wild Dystopian Science Fiction Series. In this episode , we welcome back Olivia and Nonier to talk about book 2 in the series, Call The Bluff as well as the poignant similarities between what we might see in the book and logical extrapolations in current and near society.

The fine line between futurism and crying wolf is tightroped as we walk through this stunningly uncomfortable future and get the chance to talk with the protagonists of this world, touching on the many themes proliferate this series.

Everybody knows the war is over

Everybody knows the good guys lost

Everybody knows the fight was fixed

The poor stay poor, and the rich get rich

That’s how it goes

And everybody knows



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