This week, we’re sharing an episode of Coronavirus: Fact Vs. Fiction, a podcast from CNN. This episode is The Hunt for Disease X: As human activity ventures further into the wilderness, scientists believe more diseases will emerge. CNN Senior International Correspondent Sam Kiley takes Dr. Sanjay Gupta on a journey deep into the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the hunt for the next pandemic pathogen continues.

Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction is a production of CNN Audio. Megan Marcus is the executive producer. Felicia Patinkin is the senior producer. Raj Makhija is the senior manager of production operations. This episode was produced by Anna Lagamayo, Rachel Cohn, Emily Liu, Eryn Mathewson, Madeleine Thompson, Zach St. Louis and Zoe Saunders. The medical writer is Andrea Kane. Nathan Miller is the engineer, and David Toledo is the team’s production assistant. Special thanks to Ben Tinker and Amanda Sealy of CNN Health, as well as Ashley Lusk, Courtney Coupe and Daniel Kantor from CNN Audio.

Mixed for Science Vs by Bumi Hidaka.

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