Tonight on the SciFi Diner Podcast, we chat about upcoming shows: we have a Man of Steel review show on July 9th, and a Jurassic Park show on August 6th.
We also share our interview with Rob Paulsen (Voicing TNMT, Animaniacs, Transformers, Jimmy Neutron, Pinky and the Brain) and give you a chance to win a signed Rob Paulson print with some new trivia. We also talk about the following news: Why Under The Dome producer warns that 'the bad guys are us' It's official; Ronald D. Moore's time-traveling Outlander gets a series order; Turns out there's gonna be 2 Independence Day sequels (but no Will Smith);Warner Bros.' 'Man of Steel' Nabs $170 Million in Promotional Dollars; Movie Trailer: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, and some Special Interest News: Remembering Richard Matheson. In This Week in Star trek, Miles talks about a Real-Life 'Star Trek' Tricorder Project Raises $1 Million. In the SciFi 5 in 5, we share 5 Great Animated Comic Book Superhero Adaptations on Netflix you ought to check out.