The story of Katarina is finally revealed.

This episode contains content which may be alarming to some listeners, including:


-Weapons fire


-Depictions of violence

-Manipulation by the powers that be


-Sexual allusions


Our Cast:

Agent Jess Phillips: The Entity Known As Sam

Agent Princess Katarina, of the House of Jarn: Glory Duda

Jessica: Tal Minear

High Quing Absolu: Jonathan Jane

Low Prince Trione: Mandy Hall

Agent Pete: Lester Simmons

Agent Henry Fitzwilhelm Yves von Steppenmarch: Harry Tanning

Agent Xerret: Alda Idego

The AIs: Brad Colbroock

Hammakaplu: Brad Colbroock

The Barbarian: Hermann Riskol

Lt. Director Kim: Vyn Vox

[TONE]: Harry Tanning

Elihal: Blu Sanders

Alat: Lucas Angelo

Helm: Blu Sanders

Dr. Vonhazet: Tal Minear

Merchant: Alda Idego

Other Merchant: Harry Tanning

Yet Another Merchant: Jonathan Jane

Artist: Evan Tess Murray

Director Green: Mandy Hall

Director Hammsmottir: Evan Tess Murray

Delegate: Lucas Angelo

Agent from ध: Tal Minear

Guard: Lucas Angelo

Agent Robin: Tal Minear

Script by Lucas Angelo and Alda Idego, with story input from Christine Phillips. Dialogue editing by Alda Idego, and sound editing by Brad Colbroock