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Shadows In The Void episode 8 episode HATE on GaragePunk Pirate Radio.

Back to vile’n’deafening business.

So, as my pal Joey K. would say : you’d better get ready for one hour of gnarled venom and creepin’ obscurity coz you’re about to get pushed down the convoluted stairs of my twisted mind !!! Or something like that…

Get your ears INFECTED !!!

Thanks to Joe Kolessides for the artwork.

Extra thanks to all the bands and labels in the playlist down there.

And thanks to YOU for listening !!!

“Medication Time”- Shitty Limits (from the “Speculate/Accumulate” 12” ep on La Vida Es Un Mus)

“Creeps”- LAZY (from the 7’’ on Goodbye Boozy)

“Parasite”- Slugga (from the 7’’ on Total Punk)

“The Creeper”- Unnatural Axe (from the “Killed By Death #10” compilation lp on Redrum)

“I Always Hated You”- Heck Yeahs (from the “We’re Loud-90’s Cassette Punk Uknowns” compilation lp on Black Gladiator/Slovenly)

“You Make Me Ill”- Last Sons of Krypton (from the “Teenage Trash” lp on Certified PR)

“Moral Sickness”- Sick Thoughts (from the “Moral Sickness” 7’’ ep on Blast Of Silence)

“I Don’t Wanna Be This Way”- Action Swingers (from the “Complete London Toe Rag Session” lp on Cheap Date)

“I Don’t Wanna (Wanna Wanna)Be Like Me”- Urochromes (from the “Mental Decline” Tape)

“Everyone”- Black Panties (from the 7’’ on Lumpy)

“I Wanna Sedate You”- Housewives (from the split 7’’ with Ausmuteants on Total Punk)

“Good Omen / Bad Husband”- Gentlemen ( from the 7’’ on Episode Sounds)

“Frozen”- Static Eyes (from the split 7’’with Drugs Dragons on Terror Trash)

“Blood Slut”- Broken Talent (from the “Broken Talent Rules No One” lp on Florida’s Dead)

“Pill Popper”- White Pages (from the “Bam Bam” 7’’ ep on Can’t Stand Ya !)

“Cut Yr Teeth”- Teenage Chainsaw (from the “Greatest Hits” mp3 album)

“Drag”- Predator (from the 7’’ on Total Punk)

“Shoulda Come From Japan”- Heart Attack Kids (from the 7’’ ep on It’s Trash/Speed City)

“Dead Boy”- Thee Mighty Fevers (from the 7’’ on Goodbye Boozy)

“Crush On You”- Psycho Surgeons (from the 7’’ on Blank)

“Life Stinks”- Sulphur Lights (from the 7’’ on Goodbye Boozy)

“Rock’n’Roll Sucks part 2”- Buck Biloxi and the Fucks (from the “Streets Of Rage” lp on HoZac)

“Rip-Off Rocker”- Sluts (from the “12’’ of Sluts” lp on Jeth-Row/Spreadum/Race!)

“Moving Out”- No Limit (from the 7’’ ep on Goodbye Boozy)

“No Pain No Gain”- Atomic Suplex (from the “14 Inches… of Fist !!!” lp on Dirty Water)

“Sharp When You’re Bummed”- Life Stinks (from the “…And Then A Shovelful Of Dirt…” lp on S.S.)

“Days Of Destiny”- The Hipshakes (from the “Sounds We Found” lp on SMF)

“A 3 Dans Les WC”- A 3 Dans Les WC (from the 12’’ ep on Vinyle Humide/Seventeen/La Face Cachée)

“Men Don’t Cry”- Thee Spivs (from the “World’s Lousy With Ideas vol. Nein” 7’’ ep on Almost Ready)

“Good By Myself”- Brat Farrar (from the “Brat Farrar II” lp on P. Trash)

“Advice”- Big Boys (from the “Where’s My Towel/Industry Standard” lp on Modern Classics/Light In The Attic)

“Marge Is A Wet Blanket”- Wet Blankets (from the “Wet Blankets” lp on Agitated)

“One Way Spit”- Debris (from the “Static Disposal” lp on Anopheles)

See ya, Bubbah…