Scotland's national poet Robert Burns has had a profound impact on the United States since the early years of the republic. On this episode, Andrew talks to nationally syndicated radio host and fellow Scot Janet Parshall on how Burns inspired countless Americans, including two leaders instrumental in America's fight to end slavery: abolitionist Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln. Douglass found great encouragement in Burns and considered himself Scottish at heart. At a Burns celebration in New York in 1849, he mused, "If a warm love of Scotch character—a high appreciation of Scotch genius—constitute any of the qualities of a true Scotch heart, then indeed does a Scotch heart throb beneath these ribs." Plus, we dip into the Simply Scottish Radio Archive to bring you a 1999 reading from my father and former co-host Andrew Sr. He delivers the famous Burns poem "A Man’s A Man For A’ That." And as usual, you’ll hear some lovely Scottish music, this time from Graham Mackenzie, Amer//Hawskworth//Munro, and The Proclaimers.