On The Gist, traveler Eric Weiner joins us to discuss why certain cities throughout history have been ripe for cultivating our most creative thinkers. He’s the author of The Geography of Genius: A Search for the World’s Most Creative Places From Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley. For the Spiel, another Lobstar of the Antentwig.  The Gist and Story Collider Event, Jan 15: Coming up on Friday, Jan. 15, our host Mike Pesca and listener Frank Kennedy will be live onstage as part of the Story Collider STEM FEST. Tickets for this event are sold out, but Slate Plus members are invited to attend a happy hour before the show. RSVP here. Join Slate Plus! Members get bonus segments, exclusive member-only podcasts, and more. Sign up for a free trial today at slate.com/gistplus.

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