On the Gist, Ultimate Concrete. And, today’s installment of Remembrances of Things Trump: Harley riders for Trump.

In the interview, Mike talks with Cal Matters reporter Laurel Rosenhall about her coverage of Proposition 22, an unprecedented measure pushed by app-based rideshare and livery companies to keep their workers within the gig-economy and preserve exemptions around having to pay employee job protections and benefits. Rosenhall discusses the strategies companies like Uber, Lyft, Instacart, and Doordash used to pressure voters as well as drivers during the campaign, and what happened when the now former president of NAACP’s California-Hawaii chapter was paid to endorse the ballot measure. Rosenhall is host of Force of Law, a podcast exploring the ways California lawmakers are attempting to reduce police shootings across the golden state.

In the spiel, who deserves the vaccine?

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