Tonight on SleepTalker, we’re saying “goodnight” at the start because we’re listening to a podcast that’s really hard to hear the end of. In this episode, Bec chats to Drew Ackerman, AKA Dearest Scooter, host of Sleep With Me.

Sleep With Me is a podcast of “bedtime stories for grown-ups”. Three times a week, Drew records and uploads lulling, meandering tales to try to help his listeners drift. Head to to hear more of Drew’s work.

SleepTalker is produced by Bec Fary. Head to for a transcript of this episode, and to listen to past episodes.

Music credits:
‘Drift’ by Charlie Salas-Humara
Sleep With Me podcast music by Christopher Postill
‘Pitter Pattern’ and ‘Top of the Hill, Bottom of the Valley’ by Scissors for Sparrow

Clips from Sleep With Me were taken from:
Episode 3, 363, 384 and 387