The COVID-19 pandemic has further cemented Eater as a must-read source for all things related to the food and drink industry. By leveraging its network of local city sites, while also utilizing its team of international contributors, Eater’s been able to give both micro and macro views of the pandemic’s effects. The overall result is a comprehensive collection of articles that includes personal stories, government policy reports, takeout / delivery dining guides, think pieces and even a guide to all the restaurant safety guides. Eater’s editor-in-chief and longtime pal of Snacky Tunes, Amanda Kludt, fills us in on how her team has been keeping up and keeping everyone informed during this crisis. Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Pearl Charles has been making music since she was 5. Over the years her musical career has taken a genre-spanning arc “from old time music to 60’s garage and psychedelia, and now more 70’s country rock and 80’s smooth rock.” Pearl’s hard at work putting the finishing touches on her soon-to-drop new album, and took a break to join us to share some songs and some stories.

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