This week on Snacky Tunes, Darin Bresnitz is joined in the studio by guest co-host Travis Hayden of OurLabel International and urban farmer, Gwen Schantz. Tune in to hear Gwen talk about Brooklyn Grange’s acre of urban farm, and their expansion to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Also, get some more information about Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply, a pop-up shop in Greenpoint with all of your urban farming needs! Hayseed’s has everything from chicken feed to garden supplies, so check it out during this year’s summer months. Later, Darin and Hayden discuss OurLabel International’s new releases and all of the upcoming summer music festivals. This episode is brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

“Urban farming offers a lot, both in terms of food and nutritional benefits, but also environmental benefits. It’s a good way for New Yorkers to reconnect with nature, and do something good for the local environment.” — Gwen Schantz on Snacky Tunes