Welcome to another episode of Snacky Tunes, hosted by Finger on the Pulse. This week, Darin and Greg Bresnitz are joined in the studio by Nicole Cardone and Deb Gorman of Gourmet Sorbet. Gourmet Sorbet sells delicious, refreshing, and nutty sorbet on weekends at the Dekalb Market. Hear about how Nicole left the Wall Street life to make delicious icy treats, and how Deb went from working at NYC restaurants like Animal to creating amazing sorbet recipes. Froyo has come and gone, and ice cream can be, well…too creamy; check out some of Gourmet Sorbets awesome flavors like pistachio and strawberry chocolate. Hear why a simple lemon sorbet can be daunting to make, and listen in as Darin and Greg taste some sorbet on air! This episode has been brought to you by Tekserve.

“I walked in at the right time and the right place. My resume was all advertising- I hadn’t worked in the culinary world. So they took me on as a free intern, and three weeks later they hired me as a line cook.” — Deb Gorman on her start in the restaurant world, Snacky Tunes