Mike Thelin, co-founder of Feast Portland, stops by Snacky Tunes to talk about his life of food on this week’s episode! Darin Bresnitz sits down to talk with Mike about his food-filled childhood, and how he was exposed to so many different types of cuisines at a young age. Hear how Mike’s time in countries like Spain and Ireland taught him to appreciate local cuisine. Is the Portland food scene dying? Tune in to hear about the Pacific Northwest’s organic and fresh food traditions. Mike and Darin give some helpful planning tips for food events! Tune into this week’s episode of Snacky Tunes to learn more about the inception and continuation of Feast Portland! Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve.

“At a young age, I was exposed to a lot of different types of food and cultures. I think as a kid, I really got it and it stuck with me. I judge a lot of places based on the local food.” [10:15]

“Organic and local food- we grew up with that in Portland, Seattle, and the West Coast in general… it’s not a trend, it’s real.” [13:00]

“It’s really important to honor local food. People talk about its environmental impact, but it’s also about local culture.” [19:50]
Mike Thelin on Snacky Tunes