Snacky Tunes wraps up 2013 with a few bands that love pizza and soda – The Pizza Underground & Radical Dads. The Pizza Underground is a timeless band that exemplifies the underground pizza experience. Tune in to hear the band explain why they will never turn down a slice. What are there favorite pizza joints in the city? Listen in to find out the answer, and to hear a medley of The Pizza Underground’s classic songs. Later, Radical Dads joins the program to talk about their soda zine, pizza blogs, and why they were inspired to start these foodie endeavors. Tune in to hear some of their guitar-driven songs- only on Snacky Tunes! Thanks to our sponsor, Underground Meats.

Photo via The LA Times

“There’s no wrong way to make a pizza if you ask me.” [12:15]

Macaulay Culkin of The Pizza Underground on Snacky Tunes