Today on Snacky Tunes, Dave Lane from The Gourmand, award-winning food and culture journal, comes out to Roberta’s to tell us about his unique magazine with spectacular design. We also have Caroline Russock in the studio, food writer for Philadelphia City Paper who tells us about some of the greatest sandwich spots in Philadelphia. After the break, Colin Self sings some tunes for us and we experience perhaps the greatest moment in Snacky Tunes history. Tune in to hear it all! This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market.

Image from The Gourmand

“Even the content is not about now, it’s timeless stuff.” [11:15]

–Dave Lane on Snacky Tunes

“I don’t pay too much attention to what’s physically happening as much as I almost feel as though there’s this thing of being aggressively neutral in weird ways.” [52:00]

–Colin Self on Snacky Tunes