This week on Snacky Tunes, host Darin Bresnitz welcomes Gustavo Frias and musical guest Lily McQueen to the studio for a lovely episode on Mother’s Day. Gustavo formed Gustavo’s Salsa in Brooklyn in 2013. Growing up in Los Angeles and with a first generation Mexican family, Gustavo shares with Darin that he first gained inspiration by his mother Bernardina cooking up delicious and flawless Mexican cuisine. After arriving in NYC, Gustavo realized the void of such cuisine and flavors in the new environment and after several years of trial and error, finally hit his stride with the perfect balance of smokey heat, consistency and fruity notes that make what the salsa is today. In the second half of the show, musical guest Lily McQueen shows off her musical chops with some 80s-inspired pop songs that she probably wrote in her bedroom! Previewing some tunes that will appear on her upcoming EP on Concierge Records, Lily shares how she came into the music scene plus her foodie habits in the city and what her go to snack is when she hits the studio. Tune in for a great episode! This program was brought to you by Fairway Market.