On today's Snacky Tunes, we spoke with three Berlin artists who use food as their medium of creative expression and connection to the community around them.

'Pepe Dayaw' is a work-in-progress. In this work lies a blend of folklores, precarious technologies and funky improvisations whose mission is to research and choreograph living designs and sociality. Formally educated in the University of the Philippines, University of Amsterdam, University of Warwick, the National Museum of Reina Sofia Madrid and the Kaloob Philippine Music and Dance Ministry, Pepe performs, having trained in several dance disciplines such as pangalay and butoh, a self-taught chef, polyglot and masseur; and a professional karaoke singer.

Kim Upstill is a freelance event producer, curator, chef, and artist based in Berlin. She hosts and cooks a variety of pop-up cafes and events that investigate feasting’s ability to enact lyrical and discursive participation with universal and personal themes such as family history, sexuality, and sound. She holds a degree in Art & Critical Theory from The Evergreen State College and a very worn food handlers card from the State of California.

Joel Isaac Black is a world traveler by way of west to mid to Berlin. He cooks in the infamous Fame, based inside the Katerschmaus club. He is good with a story and recently turned to disco.