We start the show in the Palmetto State by meeting up with Gillian Zettler, executive director of the popular Charleston Wine + Food Festival. Now in its 13th year, the five-day festival brings together some of the world’s best chefs for a myriad of events, and it also provides much-needed funding and opportunity for local culinary job placement programs. Gillian gives us the inside scoop on how this year’s festival is shaping up and what we can expect. For “Snacky Tunes 5’s," Jameson Fink gets really personal in celebration of the just-passed Valentine's holiday, and has his non-wine expert girlfriend ask him what questions she has about wine. To close out, we're joined in-studio by one of the hardest-working bands in the Big Apple: Fruit & Flowers. This lady-led post-punk, psych rock quartet has been hitting the road hard in support of their debut EP, Drug Tax, and we're excited to have them perform some songs for us before they cross the pond for an upcoming European tour.

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