Ben Hundreds, co-founder of famed L.A. streetwear brand The Hundreds, gives us the download on his latest creative endeavor, the Family Style Food Festival, which hits on Sept. 15 at Television City. He described it to us as, “A day where we’re going to collide streetwear and food.” The upcoming fete features the combined talents of restaurants such as Jon & Vinny’s, Secret Lasagna, Felix and Howlin’ Ray’s, and artists, brands and designers like Verdy, James Jean, Mr. Cartoon and Chinatown Market collaborating on one-of-a-kind dishes and limited merchandise. Keeping things Angeleno we head over to Silver Lake to Dangerbird Records’ studio to meet up with Brazilian singer-songwriter Samira Winter and her eponymous band, Winter. After Samira and Darin commiserate about their college days in Boston, she and her crew give us a listen to dreamy songs from their latest release, Infinite Summer.

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