Devin de Wulf is the founder of the Krewe of Red Beans, a neighborhood carnival parade in New Orleans. He is also married to Annelies, an ER doctor who works at University Medical Center in New Orleans. With the Crescent City being one of the epicenters of the COVID 19 pandemic in the United States, Annelies and other hospital staffers have been toiling nonstop to help the sick, all the while putting themselves in danger of infection as well. On March 17, to help support these folks, along with the New Orleans’ out-of-work musicians and suffering restaurant, Devin, Annelies founded the non-profit, Feed the Front Line NOLA. Utilizing charitable donations and an all-volunteer staff, Feed the Front Line supports locally owned restaurants who cook up fresh meals for ER and ICU workers, and hires and trains musicians and artists as delivery drivers. 

To learn more and to donate, visit

We also drop into our musical vault and pull out an in-studio performance from 2019 by Lafayette, LA, artist Roddie Romero, who would have been performing at the now cancelled historic NOLA Jazz Fest this weekend.

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