Lisa Colton is the founder and president of Darim Online and Darim Consulting. Her work centers on helping nonprofits and social causes develop opportunities for community building, fundraising and education. Most recently, Lisa helped organize The Great Big Jewish Food Fest, a 10-day, virtual food festival that connected home cooks across America in celebration of Jewish cuisine which featured the likes of Molly Yeh, Gail Simmons, Mike Solomonov and Ruth Reichl.

For the musical part of the show, we hand the reins over to our pal and engineer, Jeet Paul. He meets up with Kyle Horner, guitarist for the band 3 Question Marks. The New Jersey-based blues / rock trio is influenced by such legendary musicians as Led Zeppelin, Marvin Gaye and Quincy Jones. Expect 3 Question Marks’ debut album to drop this fall. 

Our very first book, 

Snacky Tunes: Music is the Main Ingredient, Chefs and Their Music

 (Phaidon), is available now for preorder. It features 77 of the world’s top chefs who share personal stories of how music has been an important, integral force in their lives. The chefs also give personal recipes and curated playlists too. It’s an anthology of memories, meals and mixtapes. 

Snacky Tunes hits shelves in North America, October 14; globally, September 3.

Snacky Tunes is powered by Simplecast.

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