In this special edition of Snacky Tunes, we chat with Helen Rosner, food correspondent for the New Yorker (who is also covering the developing Coronavirus story), and Royce Burke, chef / owner of Secret Lasagna.  In both deep-dive conversations, we discuss the current state of the restaurant industry, along with other food businesses, and how they are being effected by the current pandemic. We also chat about what people can help both short term and long term, how food journalism is shifting and what foods are easy to make in your own kitchen. For anyone who wants to support their local restaurants, please consider buying gift certificates or merch or donate to some of the following charities:

Restaurant Worker’s Community -

Dining Bonds Initiative -

One Fair Wage -

Stay safe, wash your hands and if you are interested in sharing your own story, please get in touch with us through our Instagram Show Page @snackytunes.

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